This is a brief quiz based on Horror movie trivia of current and old school horror films. It is ten questions long and trust me, there are more to come in the future! But for now, if you have basic horror movie knowledge...give it a shot! Try Horrorrama's Horror Quiz and see if you are a Horror Buff!

Are you a Horror Buff? Do you like Horror Movies? Think you know trivial horror facts? Then take Horrorrama's Horror Quiz and see if you are a Horror Buff! Don't be scared...it's only ten questions long! I mean if you are reading this, it's not like you don't have time on your hands!

Created by: amazon
  1. What actor best known as one of the most beloved horror icons directed the cult movie 976-EVIL?
  2. Which horror movie did NOT win an Oscar?
  3. Which 2004 horror film paid homage to other horror films such as The Burning, Peter Jackson's BrainDead, and Evil Dead?
  4. Which one of these films "surprisingly" made TIME'S Top 25 horror films/scary films?
  5. What horror film in 1984 lost distribution by the studio after causing controversy due to its' subject matter?
  6. Which cult horror movie featured the same actress in both the original and in the remake(just in different roles)?
  7. Which iconic horror villian has been featured or referenced in over 649 films?
  8. Which movie is considered the highest grossing horror film of all time (including gross adjusted amount and re-releases)
  9. Which film surprisingly grabbed the #1 spot on Maxim's Top 10 Horror Movie Deaths List?
  10. What A list star helped produce the moderately successful horror hit The Ruins?

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