Horror Movies 06

There are normal people and there are people who get into movies if you love horror then you'll have to test your knowledge on this one if you dare. no chickens allowed and not for the faint of heart so please turn back if horror movies get to you

Do you have what it takes to survive a horror movie if so step right and watch yourself hide all kitchen knives, lock your doors, bolt the windows, grab the popcorn, and turn off the lights cause your in for a ride of your mind

Created by: Mel
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  1. Who face did they us to make Michael Myers mask?
  2. Who's hand is it that picks up the first knife in Halloween?
  3. What is Michael Stage name used in the credits?
  4. How many movies did Donald Pleasance wanna make?
  5. How tall is Michael?
  6. What Halloween movie did not contain Michael Myers?
  7. Is Hadenfield a real Town?
  8. Where was the movie Made?
  9. What year did Halloween come out?
  10. How many times was Michael Shot in the first movie?

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