So You Think You Know Horror Movies?

Horror movies are known by all, loved by many, but very few watch horror movies with a truly watching eye. Get ready to hack and slash your way through this.

So you think you really know horror movies? You don't know dick! Unless you can get a perfect score on the quiz that is. Now get to that damn quiz! Times wasting, and you're being run down by murderous freak!

Created by: Mike
  1. In "The Lost Boys" the gang takes Michael to their lair, upon the wall hangs a large poster of what music icon?
  2. Which one of these men has NEVER played Abraham Van Helsing in any movie?
  3. Which one of these horror films was not a remake of an original?
  4. Which one of these horror films was NOT written by Stephen King?
  5. According to most online polls, (nearly every one I've ever seen at least) which of these horror films consistently receives top honors as the best horror film of all time?
  6. Which one of these movies was not directed by horror legend George A. Romero?
  7. What did the title of the movie "Event Horizon" stand for?
  8. In the movie "Thirteen Ghosts" which one of these was not one of the ghosts which was held within the house?
  9. Which one of these actors/actresses did NOT fall victim to Jason Voorhees?
  10. Which one of these horror films featured two stars who would later be state governors?

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