Are You A Hardcore Horror Fan?

Welcome horror fans! do you know your horror movies quite well? then take this test to try out on your horror movie knowledge. Wether it's Carpenter, Cronenberg, Japanese, Craven, Troma, Fulci, Argento, cannibal movies, supernatural movies, true all time classics and more.

Are you a horror fanatic? do you have the devotation and intelligence for that prestigious title? well then try out this test and see if you are worthy. Take this test and find out by answering the questions, in this quick yet informative test!

Created by: Christian Montoya

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  1. Who was originally going to play Louis Creed in "Pet Semetary"?
  2. What book by Author Clive Barker inspired the hit horror film Hellraiser?
  3. Which Troma Film Besides Def By Temptation had an all black cast?
  4. What famous horror actor directed the film 976 Evil?
  5. What is Lloyd Kaufman president of Troma's full birth name?
  6. What T.V. show personality appeared in the Troma film Graduation Day?
  7. What cult actor made and appearance in The Blob (1988)?
  8. John Saxon appeared in which Italian Cannibal film?
  9. Which of these films was Lloyd Kaufman's First film?
  10. Which of these fruits has Lloyd Kaufman frequently used in his films for a head crushing scene?
  11. What was the line that Lloyd Kaufman's daughter shouted in Terror Firmer?
  12. What film did Italian actor John Morghen regret doing do to animal violence?
  13. Who played the original Toxic Avenger?
  14. What is the original US title for Let Sleeping Corpses Lie?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Hardcore Horror Fan?