I wanna find a horror movie expert.That could be you.I want a survivor of horror movies,a big horror movie fan that would survive to tell the tale. Is that person you?

I am a huge horror movie fan that would survive.But this is the real question of this quiz.Are you?Do you have what it takes to survive?Are you a surviver or a corpse on he ground?

Created by: Can you surive a killer attack

  1. How old are you?
  2. What's your gender
  3. Pick a close range weapon
  4. Pick a gun
  5. What is your plan to survive
  6. The killer finds you and the people you're with.What do you do.
  7. The group hides in a building.You look out the window and he's coming.What do you do
  8. You're still alive.Why is that.
  9. The killer captures a friend that is still alive.What do you do.
  10. The killer captures you and kills you.Why is that.

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