The Treehouse of Horror XVIII

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The Treehouse of Horror XVIII is one of the first episodes of The Simpsons. It is a Halloween Themed episode and there is one every year, around 31 October.

How well do you know The Treehouse of Horror XVIII? Find out by taking my wonderful The Treehouse of Horror XVIII quiz. I hope you have fun. Good luck and enjoy.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. Who helps Kodos go home in E.T, go home?
  2. Who thinks that Kodos isn't that friendly?
  3. What colour wig does Marge wear in Mr and Mrs Simpson?
  4. Who does Homer kill?
  5. Who else does Homer kill?
  6. Who dresses as an astronaut in Heck House?
  7. Who gives Milhouse candy?
  8. Who turns into spaghetti?

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