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Your results will help guide and shape the mission and vision of TreeHouse. Brian Houts - TreeHouse Program Director General Information Tel: 763.557.8670 / Fax: 763.557.8673

At TreeHouse youth and parents learn that they are not alone in dealing with any issue. There is always someone who can relate to what is going on in another group member’s life. Kids learn how to support someone else in need. They come to realize that they are lovable, capable and worthwhile. They find out that support group is a place where they are always listened to and what they say matters to others.

Created by: scott
  1. I am concerned that our country is NOT doing enough to help the poor.
  2. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on a cross and rose again.
  3. My faith shapes how I think and act each and every day.
  4. I help others with their spiritual/religious questions and struggles
  5. I tend to be critical of other people.
  6. In my free time, I help people who have problems or needs.
  7. My faith helps me know right from wrong.
  8. I do things to help protect the environment.
  9. I devote time to reading and studying the Bible.
  10. I have a hard time accepting myself.
  11. I take excellent care of my physical health.
  12. I am active in efforts to promote social justice (for instance: promote human rights, act to reduce poverty, seek to reduce economic and social inequalities (including racism, sexism, and ageism) and/or promote peace.
  13. I take time for periods of prayer or mediation.
  14. I accept people whose religious beliefs are different than mine
  15. I feel a deep sense of responsibility for reducing pain and suffering in the world.
  16. I feel overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and obligations I have.
  17. My life is filled with meaning and purpose.
  18. I do not understand how a loving God can allow so much pain and suffering in the world.
  19. I am confident that I can overcome any problem or crisis no matter how serious.
  20. My life is committed to Jesus Christ.
  21. I talk with other people about my faith.
  22. My life is filled with stress and anxiety.
  23. I like to worship and pray with others.

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