There are many people that love horror movies and think they are major horror fanatics that love them and think they know a lot about them.To truly be a horror fan you have to watch many of them and know trivia about them!

Are you one of the many people that watches horror movies and says they know lots about them? Do you often tell people to quiz you on them to prove how much you know about them? Well this quiz is for you!Take it and find out if you truly are a horror fanatic!

Created by: shauna
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  1. Who is the creator of The Nightmare on Elm Street movies?
  2. What actress plays Nancy in the Nightmare on Elm Street?
  3. How many Nightmare on Elm Street movies are there?
  4. Who is the creator of the movie Carrie?
  5. What actress played Carrie?
  6. How many Halloween movies are there?
  7. Who played Michael Myer's niece Jamie?
  8. What actress's first role was in a horror movie?
  9. Who is the creator of the movie The house on the Left?
  10. What horror movie did Rob Zombie quote as being his favorite?
  11. What actress made her first debut role in From dusk till dawn?
  12. In the movie The craft,how may girls were in the coven?
  13. Keifer Sutherland played in which Horror movie?
  14. What is the name of of Corey Haim's character in the movie Silver bullet?
  15. The little boy that played Gage in the Pet cemetary also played in what other horror movie?
  16. What actress made her debut role in Leather face?
  17. What famous p--- star had a small role in The devil's rejects?
  18. How many of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies did Heather Langenkamp play in?

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