Which Horror Movie Role Would You Play?

Me and my friends Have seen just about every horror film or Scifi thriller that was put on film and we often find ourselves Yelling such things at the screen as "Shoot it in the head you fool" or "Just pull that lever over there and the door will open" So clearly, Like cockroaches we would survive any horrifying scenario thrown our way.

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Are you well versed in the art of combat? Can you repair a circuit board or analyze a blood sample? Can you keep a cool head in the midst of chaos? And can you do all this while tossing off sarcastic one-liners and witty retorts with out breaking a sweat? Well gird your loins and take a deep breath. By the time you finish this quiz you will know if you would survive your favorite Horror/Thriller film.

Created by: Doug Jeffreys
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  1. You keep up with current events from
  2. Your knowledge of medicine comes from
  3. Your experience with guns
  4. You hear something being noisily devoured in the basement, so you
  5. Your biggest fear is
  6. Your demeanor is such that
  7. Firearms, Edged Weapons or Hand-to-Hand
  8. You can make a dramatic entrance or exit because
  9. Your problem solving skills are the result of
  10. You've killed the last zombie and delivered the vaccine. Now what?

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