How Much do you know GTQ status levels?

Because of their long, persistent association with humans, cockroaches are frequently referred to in art, literature, folk tales and theater and film. In Western culture, cockroaches are often depicted as vile and dirty pests. Their size, long antennae, shiny appearance and spiny legs make them disgusting to many humans, sometimes even to the point of phobic responses.[39][40] This is borne out in many depictions of cockroaches, from political versions of the song La Cucaracha where political opponents are compared to cockroaches, through the 1982 movie Creepshow and TV shows such

ot all depictions of cockroaches are purely negative, however. Twilight of the Cockroaches depicts the extermination of cockroaches as a holocaust, and presents a happy ending as the pregnant lead cockroach, Naomi, escapes to mother many generations. In the Pixar film Wall-E, a cockroach that has survived all humanity is the best friend of the lead character (a robot), and waits patiently on him to return. The same cockroach survives getting squished twice. In the film Joe's Apartment, the cockroaches help the titular hero, and the narrator of the book archy and mehitabel is a sympathetic cockroach. In the book Revolt of the Cockroach People, an autobiographical novel by Oscar Zeta Acosta, cockroaches are used as a metaphor for oppressed and downtrodden m

Created by: doodle
  1. How many status levels are there?
  2. The 4th staus level is..
  3. Highest Status level ever seen is...
  4. The 8th status level is....
  5. The 3rd Color is a bar is...
  6. The 7th status level is
  7. Which of these are False about Status's
  8. Which of these are True about Status's
  9. The Junior gets what privilege?
  10. The Lowest status level is
  11. The Highest status level is

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Quiz topic: How Much do I know GTQ status levels?