which horror movie are you most likely to watch

this is a quiz on which horror movie you would like to see. horror this quiz will also tell you wat type of person you are for watching the movie.e.g comedian or idiot

you will have to answer the questions using senerios in real life.... not, you will be asked a series of questions about movies and some random ones.

Created by: adam

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  1. its midnight and your hungry wat do you eat.
  2. you hear knocking at all of your windows and doors, you are sure they are zombies wat do you do?
  3. you have to go to the bathroom but your dad has decided to make a monster in there do you?
  4. do you like this quiz
  5. which of these suit you?
  6. how bout these?
  7. which of these pick up lines would you use?
  8. how would your rather kill som1?
  9. almost done bored yet?
  10. ok last question which name do you like the most?

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Quiz topic: Which horror movie am I most likely to watch