Do you know Your Horror Movies?

Everyone loves a good scary horror flick...right? A true horror movie buff know the in's and out's of the new and exciting movies as well as the old favorites.

Do you really know your horror movies? Think you have what it takes to be considered a Horror expert? Take this quiz and see just how demented you really are!

Created by: And Then
  1. The the first "Scream" movie Casey is making something when she starts to receive the phone calls...what is it?
  2. Hostel must have a tattoo before you can become a "member" of the club...what is the tattoo?
  3. In the original movie "The Changeling"...what toy came down the steps?
  4. Which "Jaws" movie was released in 3D?
  5. What movie does this tag line come from "From the director of Animal House... a different kind of animal."?
  6. In the movie "The Lost Boys" the movie opens with what song?
  7. "Sometimes, Dead is better" from what movie?
  8. In the movie "28 Days Later" how did the infection get started?
  9. A young Johnny Depp is swallowed by his bed in this cult classic horror.
  10. John Carpenter not only directed this super scary movie from 1978 but also wrote the theme song...what is it?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Horror Movies?