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I would describe myself as a pretty huge horror movie fan. And what other decade gave us more memorable hits and classics than the 1980s? None, I say. Not before or since. It was a great time for movies.

Many of these are my favourites, so I admit this quiz will be slightly biased although still in line with the general purpose of the quiz, which is to

Created by: Sarah W

  1. What is the date printed on the photo of Jack Torrance and the Overlook Hotel guests at the end of The Shining?
  2. What was the name of the Pub that David and Jack go into in "An American Werewolf in London"?
  3. What was the Home number of Nancy Thompson's house in A Nightmare on Elm Street?
  4. Finish the sentence from The Thing (1982): "Windows! ______!"
  5. In Child's Play, what does Chucky do to Andy's Mom when she first realizes he's alive?
  6. Where does Carol-Anne first discover the ghosts in "Poltergeist"?
  7. Which inanimate object had a habit of moving on its own in The Changeling?
  8. How did Jason die in "Friday the 13th" (1980)?
  9. True or False, in Halloween II Michael Myers was revealed to be Laurie Strode's brother.
  10. And lastly, what was the highest-grossing horror film of the 1980s?

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