So you think you know Movies and Sports?

You may know movies and be a huge movie buff or maybe you watch sportscenter and know everything about sports that there is to know! But do you have the ability to combine the two? Could you be knowledgable at two different subjects? Test your movie and sports IQ at the same time right here with this quiz! Have fun with it too!!!

Take this quiz to see if you're knowledgable at not just one subject but two! Anyone can be a movie buff and anyone can memorize stats but do you have the ability to do both? Find out here!

Created by: Kyle

  1. Which of these NFL teams did Brett Favre not play for?
  2. Joaquin Phoenix has starred with this actor/actress on two seperate occasions?
  3. The 1992 NBA Dream Team had all these players except?
  4. The actor who was crowned worst Batman was?
  5. Only one team in MLB history has come back in the post season when down three games to none, which team is it?
  6. Which of Brad Pitt's loves never starred in a major motion picture with him?
  7. Which NFL duo are not brothers?
  8. Which film won Denzel Washington an oscar for best actor?
  9. Ray Allen has played for all of these teams except?
  10. All of these dinosaurs were in the original Jurassic Park except?
  11. All of these players were Red Sox at one point in time except for?
  12. Jack Nicholson always sits courtside for what NBA Team?
  13. Only one of these UFC fighters has a background in the WWF/WWE
  14. Of all the Star Wars movies which is the highest grossing?
  15. Who had the highest QB Rating in the NFL in 2008?
  16. Nicole Kidman has been in a movie with all of these actors except?
  17. When the Bulls won 72 games in one season these were all members of the team except?
  18. Sylvester Stallone wrote the original screenplay for Rocky?
  19. How many times have the Red Sox won the World Series?
  20. The main villain in the Back to the Future movies name was?
  21. Name the team not in the AFC West.
  22. What do Harold & Kumar get a ride from in the first film?
  23. What do Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade have in common?
  24. Who is the killer in Friday the 13th?
  25. In the movie Celtic Pride what team does Damon Wayans character play for?

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