Are You a True Sports Freak??

Hi I am a huge sports fan and I thought it would be a great idea to see how many people out there are sports fanatics. I put together a randomized sports quiz for you to take today just to see how well you know your stuff. There are a few easy questions in this quiz, but you have to be careful because I threw a couple of curve balls in the mix.

I hope you enjoy taking my quiz because I put a little bit of time into making it. Some of the questions I got the answers from looking them up, but most of them I knew off the top of my head. I hope you have a excellent experience taking my quiz and good luck....prove your skill and please rate my quiz!

Created by: Felix

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  1. What were the two players initials who made the final out in the 2004 ALDS game between the Yankees and the Red Sox
  2. What were the initials of the two players who made the final out of the 2004 World Series vs the Red Sox and the Cardinals?
  3. Can you name one announcer that announced the 1980 Olympic Hockey game between U.S.A. and Russia?
  4. When Adam Vinatieri made the game winning FG kick VS. the Rams to win the SuperBowl what was the final score of that game?
  5. What year was it when Bobby Orr scored the game winning overtime goal vs. the Blues to win the Stanley Cup?
  6. When Adam Vinatieri made the game winning FG kick VS. the Panthers to win the SuperBowl what was the final score of that game?
  7. How many times in his career was Roger Maris intentionally walked?
  8. What was the reason for your last answer?
  9. How many teams did Nolan Ryan play for in his career?
  10. Pick the four teams Ryan played for in order
  11. John Elway got drafted by the Indianapolis Colts
  12. How many points did Kobe Bryant have to become second on the list with the highest points scored in a game?
  13. What College did Patrick Ewing attend?
  14. What jersey number does the highest points leader in the NHL sport?
  15. Roger Clemens leads Randy Johnson by how many career K's?
  16. Who has the all-time record for shots attempted in the NBA with 4,497?
  17. Who hit the longest homerun ever?
  18. How far was the longest hole-in-one of all-time?
  19. What team has the best Monday Night Football win % playing more then 55 games?
  20. How long was the longest touchdown ever?
  21. Who was the Yankee Clipper?
  22. Who holds the NHL record for most goals by a rookie?
  23. Who has won the Cy Young Award the most and with how many?
  24. Tom Brady has won 3 SuperBowl MVP's.
  25. What pitcher has the most World Series wins?
  26. This is the last question you can do it......What College did Shaun Alexander attend?

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