Do you know sports?

There are many people who say they are a sports freak. But this will prove if they are. I did this quiz off the top of my head. I mean that all of the questions I thought of by myself and I thought of the answers by myself. Only thing I looked up was the names and some key dates in additional details.

Are you a sports freak, or a poser. This is the only way to know. This goes back to the 50's in the questions. You will have to think. Some of these will be easy and some will be hard. Good luck and think every question before answering.

Created by: Mick Yuille
  1. Who was the only manager to also to be a player at the same time
  2. Which horse is buried where only the immediate family knows
  3. Which baseball player hit a homerun in his last at bat in his career
  4. Which baseball player hit 3 homeruns in one of his last games of is career
  5. Which NCAA football coach petitioned so Nebraska would share the national championship with Michigan
  6. What team in the MLB broke the color barrier in the American League
  7. Which NFL player has the most career points
  8. How many closers in the MLB former and now have gotten 400 career saves
  9. Who was the first black manager in the NFL
  10. Who is the only player to throw a perfect game in the World Series
  11. What is the most overtimes in NCAA football
  12. Who has used steroids
  13. What player got his last hit in his career to get 3000 hits
  14. What is the biggest NBA playoff 4th quarter come back
  15. Who got the 5th down in NCAA football
  16. What team also drafted Gale Sayers
  17. How long was the longest professional baseball game
  18. Who is the fattest quarterback in the NFL
  19. Who has the most NCAA football wins as a team
  20. Who is the only player to win the Heisman trophy twice

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