Do you know sports

Steroids, scandals, holdouts, theses days its hard to follow sports, but hopefully this quiz will help you to find out if your a sports fan. If your ready you can start, but if your not start reading up on your sports history

Do YOU know sports? Are you ready for this quiz? Well I hope you are, because your gonna need all the help you can get. If you don't do good, then you always have next time, good luck!

Created by: Trevor
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  1. Who are the Yankees?
  2. What is a birdie?
  3. The Detroit Lions are
  4. How much is a goal worth in hockey?
  5. How much time is there in a basketball game
  6. Who isn't allowed to hit the ball in the MLB
  7. Who is John Madden
  8. Who has the career home run record in the MLB?
  9. Who is going to win the super bowl in August?
  10. Do you play sports?

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