sports r cool

there are smart people as long as the world can see but only one can be the smartest of all at sports so take this quiz and find out if you are the smatest. take the sports are cool test today on a computer near you. i mean it now.

are YOU a genius do you think you can become the smartest sports guy in the world then take my test and ifyou pass people will think you work for the show sportcenter.

Created by: jordan

  1. who iz the worldwide leader in homeruns in baseball
  2. what cowboy running back has the most rushing yards on that team
  3. what nfl team went undefeated and won the superbowl
  4. who won the nba mvp award for 2008
  5. what boxer did mike tyson bite his ear
  6. what was plaxico burress the giants wide reciver arrested for
  7. who won the 2009 slam dunk competition
  8. what motorcross rider was the first to perfect a double backflip
  9. what sent micheal vick to prison
  10. how did micheal jordan get his toe removed
  11. in the 2009 all-star basketball game shaq danced with what dancing group
  12. who was the all-star of the celebity basketball game
  13. name one of hulk hogans daughters names
  14. what is the name of the youngest player in history to reach 25,000 points in the nba
  15. in space jam who plays with the looney toons from the nba

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