How Sporty Are You?

A true sportsman/woman would take this quiz a get a high score! Can you be a sporty person, do you love sports? Then this is the quiz for you. There are many questions in this quiz to find out whether you are a sporty man or woman. So take the quiz and see what score you get!

SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS!!! Is this all your mind 24/7? Then lets see how sporty you are with this great quiz! There are questions with many possibilites so your guarenteed an answer!

Created by: beth
  1. do you play any sports?
  2. do you want to start playing a sport?
  3. which of these is you main sport?
  4. which of these is your main sport (continued)
  5. what sport do you mostly participate in?
  6. how many sports teams do you play for?
  7. are you the only one in your household that plays a sport?
  8. are you lazy?
  9. do you eat a healthy diet?
  10. do you exercise regulary?
  11. whats the best achievment you have done within sport?

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Quiz topic: How Sporty am I?