How sporty are you

Are you a sports men? Do you know the skills and steadiness that are in these games? If you do you have a has a mind of there own and that thinks that sport is bout having fun not winning

You can push your self to be the best but not to kick your self think about being fit and healthy and taking big steps with sportsmanship well to learn more take this Quiz

Created by: Madison
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What one of these is NOT a sport?
  2. What sports are famous out of These?
  3. Who is a sport person out of these people? don't look this up on the Internet either!♥
  4. Fill I the blanks... I love ______ Football
  5. Where did Wagne Gretzky com from
  6. Witch One of these is your favorite sport?
  7. What team would you be on?
  8. Witch One of these are NOT a hockey player
  9. Witch One f these ARE a hokey player
  10. Where is Richie Macaw from

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