Are you Smart or Sporty or Both?

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There are tons of people out there being stereo typed as nerds and jocks when really all it shows is they excel in one department. However there are some in the middle the Multi Talented :)

Are YOU sporty? Are You smart? Or are You both? With this quick and easy quiz you can discover which one you are. Go for it you know you want to ;)

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. What are your class grades like?
  2. How many school teams do you play for?
  3. Are you often stereo typed? If so select one beneath
  4. Are most your friends smart or sporty?
  5. Favourite colour?
  6. Favourite Drink?
  7. Favourite Sport?
  8. Favourite subject?
  9. If you have any awards what are they for? (Certificates,Badges,Medals,Trophies)
  10. What do you think you will be?

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Quiz topic: Am I Smart or Sporty or Both?