Which kind of car are you?

Are you sporty? Or are you a snitch? This is what you'll find out by taking this quiz. It will sort into a category. These categories all relate to cars. Like the BIG MAN is a Ferrari.

So are you a Ferrari or a you just a little smart car. Answer truthfully and you will find out your inner-car. Do you have a V16 or a pathetic little chunk of iron under the bonnet answer these questions to find out:

Created by: matto rulez of pokemastr
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  1. You get the chance to go on stage do you:
  2. You are challenged to a 100m sprint do you:
  3. You meet a famous film star do you:
  4. You pick up a leaflet with a list of activities on do you choose:
  5. You have a choice of reading the following books do you choose:
  6. Which of these TV channels do you prefer:
  7. Which of these days are your favorite?
  8. Which of these is your favorite super-hero:
  9. You see a man with a long nose do you:
  10. The time has come for you to buy a house do you choose one in:

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Quiz topic: Which kind of car am I?