How much of a sports nerd are you

There are people who actually watch games and people who watch ESPN, which one are you. This quiz may be a little hard but if you are a sport geek like me then you shouldnt have any problems at all

Are you smart enough to take this quiz, I hope you are. This quiz requires you to know every sport there is and you have to watch ESPN every day to pass it

Created by: David
  1. Who won the first superbowl
  2. Who has won the most Superbowl's in the NFL
  3. Who leads the NFL all-time rushing record
  4. Who leads the NFL all-time list for the most passing yards
  5. What NFL team scored the most points in a single game
  6. Who has the most points in NBA history
  7. What NBA coach has the most Championship Rings
  8. Who is the shortest player ever to win a dunk contest
  9. What is the difference in American Hockey and Canadian Hockey
  10. How many teams are in the NHL
  11. Who has the most Championships in the NHL
  12. Who is the most successful forwards out of these in the NHL
  13. How many teams are in the MLS
  14. What team has won the most cups in the MLS
  15. Who is the youngest player to play in the MLS
  16. How many games do they play in the MLB
  17. Who has the most home runs in MLB history
  18. Who has won the most championships in the MLB
  19. Who has the most hits in MLB history
  20. Who is the leader in Hits 5 or more seasons
  21. Who has the most hits in one game in the MLB
  22. Who has the most championships in College Basketball
  23. Who is the all-time leader in the ACC in scoring
  24. Who has the most heisman winners in college football history
  25. Who has the most career touchdowns in college football history
  26. Who has the most consecutive win streak for college women's basketball
  27. Who is the greatest player to ever play in the WNBA
  28. Who is the greatest golfer ever
  29. Who the best Tennis Players

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Quiz topic: How much of a sports nerd am I