NHL Team Trivia

Hockey is an incredible sport that has a rich fascinating history and a promising future. Arguably one of the best sports that exists, it truly brings people from all over the world together. Take this quiz to find out if you are a true hockey fanatic!

Let's see how well you know the NHL teams. These questions are based in 2015 so remember to answer accordingly!

Created by: Josh
  1. Who is the captain of the Anaheim Ducks?
  2. Who is the head coach of the Colorado Avalanche?
  3. Who is the general manager of the Washington Capitals?
  4. Who is the general manager of the Calgary Flames?
  5. The Tampa Bay Lightning play at which arena?
  6. The Columbus Blue Jackets play at which arena?
  7. Barclays Center is home to which team?
  8. Scotiabank Saddledome is home to which team?
  9. What year was the San Jose Sharks founded?
  10. What year was the New York Rangers founded?
  11. What year were the Vancouver Canucks founded?
  12. What year were the Boston Bruins founded?
  13. What year were the Nashville Predators founded?
  14. Which two teams currently do not have a captain?
  15. Which of the following teams do not have a general manager?
  16. Who was the first ever NHL Commissioner?
  17. Before the commissioner was the highest executive in the NHL, who was?
  18. Who was the Stanley Cup named after?
  19. Who was first awarded the Stanley Cup?
  20. What year was the Stanley Cup first awarded?

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