How Much Do You KNow About United Methodism?

United Methodism is a fascinating religion, one that has connections to many other denominations and countries around the globe. It has a fabulous history and a very promising future.

How much do you know about United Methodism? Whether you're Methodist or not, learning about others' religions can be a fascinating and informative journey. Come along and find out just how United Methodist you are!

Created by: Edith Langham

  1. How tall was John Wesley?
  2. When was the United Methodist Church formed?
  3. What to two churches merged to form the United Methodist Church?
  4. What is the official motto of the United Methodist Church?
  5. When was the first female bishop elected on the continent of Africa?
  6. The United Methodist Church is...
  7. In the late 1800's, the National Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church decreed that Methodists were to avoid...
  8. How many times was Francis Asbury buried?
  9. What hymn was sung at the 1904 General Conference as a tribute to President William McKinley?
  10. The United Methodist Church is the ____ church in America (by membership).
  11. The United Methodist Church opposes...
  12. The National Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church officially recognized _____ as a holiday.
  13. "An ounce of ____ is worth a pound of ____."
  14. What does the Cross and Flame emblem of the United Methodist Church represents...
  15. Which hymn was voted the favorite hymn of the United Methodist Church?
  16. A typical United Methodist Sunday service includes...
  17. What do the symbols on the Altar Cross that look like "I-H-S" mean?
  18. The United Methodist Church is governed by...

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Quiz topic: How Much do I KNow About United Methodism?