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You may know the difference between a Fly-Route and a Fly-ball, but these questions will test your brainpower. Don't think too hard or you'll wind up on the DL.

Can you score 100% on this test? If so, then apply for Head Genius at Sports University. If you don't guess you need to watch more sports, play more sports and read about sports more.

Created by: Mark Sylvester
  1. Who threw the 1st Perfect Game in Major League Baseball History?
  2. SPELLING BEE #1 What is the Correct Last Name of Duke Men's Basketball Coach Mike _________?
  3. Which of the following Horses DID NOT win the Triple Crown?
  4. Which of these NBA Players DID NOT score over 25,000 points in his carrer?
  5. Who holds the NHL Record for most goals in a game?
  6. Who hold the NHL record for most points in a game?
  7. SPELLING BEE #2 What's the Correct last name of Cincinnati Bengal's Wide Reciever T.J. _______________?
  8. Which of these MLB Players has turned an unassisted Triple-play?
  9. Which of the following players has caught more than 1000 passes in his NFL Carrer?
  10. Which of the following Soccer players has NOT offically scored more than 500 international goals (as of 1/1/2008)?
  11. Which of the following stadiums or arenas is the oldest?
  12. Who was the last NCAA Basketball Head Coach to have a Undefeated Season, including tournement play?"
  13. SPELLING BEE #3 What is the Correct Spelling of the Last of New York Giants Defensive End Osi ______________?
  14. Which of the following Franchises have won the most Titles?
  15. Which of the following teams did Babe Ruth NOT Play for?
  16. Which of the following teams did Morten Andersen NOT play for?
  17. Which of the following teams did Mike Keenan NOT coach?

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