Sports, How Good are You?

Are you ready? To take your Sports quiz? If you are be ready to become your ultimate-self,but beware there are 4 different people you can become. Athletic, Almost-Athletic, Not-So-Good, & Not-Good-Whatsoever. Try it.

Become your best, as you try the, "Sports, How Good are You" quiz! Keep in mind your own personality and answer truthfully and learn who you are.

Created by: Alex Wassum
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  1. Do you try in school?
  2. Do You like your gym teacher?
  3. Do you love any sport?(That does not include video games)
  4. Would you like to be popular?
  5. Would you rather play sports, to, going on a date?
  6. Has your family been athletic in the past?
  7. Would you want to be a champion at something?
  8. Do you see a career in sports?
  9. Are you fast?
  10. Ever Made it on a Team?
  11. Do you want to get better at a sport?
  12. Would you listen to your Coach?
  13. If you were in a fire, what would you carry out?

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Quiz topic: Sports, How Good am I?