I Bet U Don't know Me As Good As U Think

People out in the world think they know everyone by the way they look and dress. People put me down because im big (fat) and think I can not play any type of sports, but when I start to play they are shocked by how fast I am and by what I can do.

So, are you a person who is judged before who can express yourself. This is a quiz about me that people think im no good at but when they see they are just like I said "SHOCKED"!!!!!

Created by: Kenny

  1. What is my favorite sport of all time?
  2. What is my favorite color?
  3. Who is my best friend?
  4. What is my second favorite sport?
  5. What is my favorite t.v. show?
  6. What do I do on my spare time?
  7. What is my favorite basketball player in the NBA of all time?
  8. Who is my least favorite team in College Football?
  9. What size shoe do I where?
  10. Who is my favorite superhero?
  11. What do I like to drink when I go out to eat or anywhere else?
  12. What is my favorite candy?
  13. What is my favorite meal?
  14. What is my favorite number?
  15. What kind of pet do I want when I move out?
  16. Where do I want to move in the future?
  17. How many close friends helped me out a lot the past couple of years?
  18. What game is My friend Louis and I good at?
  19. What is My favorite Pro Team on "MADDEN 2007" NOT IN REAL LIFE?
  20. Who Is my favorite Pro Football Team in REAL LIFE?
  21. What color hair do I have?
  22. Who is my favorite College Football Team?
  23. What is my favorite Video Game?
  24. Where do I plan to attend College?

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