What College Football conference are you?

There is not only a level of college football in America, there is a distinct level of fan and personality which is attributed to the team and conference you cheer for. See which conference best describes you.

Are you a powerhouse? Do you play tough, or maybe you always fall short? Are you freestyle and fun-loving? Take this quiz to find out which college football conference is right for you!

Created by: Kris
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  1. If I constructed a college football offense, it would be:
  2. If I constructed a college football defense, it would be:
  3. I believe Special Teams should be used:
  4. I believe the overtime system for college football is:
  5. The greatest Heisman Trophy winner ever is:
  6. The perfect college football atmosphere is:
  7. This bring tears to my eyes...oh, the memories!
  8. When I think of coaching, I can't help but think of:
  9. The best way to win a football game on a final play would be:
  10. Our women:
  11. College football uniforms should be:
  12. A great football tradition is:
  13. The last Saturday of college football should be:
  14. My feelings toward the postseason system are:

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Quiz topic: What College Football conference am I?