NCAA College Football Week 1

2007 NCAA COLLEGE FOOTBALL Playing the Board My financial future rests on your ability (or luck) to each week help me pick the winners of NCAA college football games. Yes. I am playing the board at an institution of supposedly higher learning. I have been to Vegas several times, and I have to say that not only is the board better, but I can also play in my pajamas instead of a cocktail dress.

Of 35 players, I am the only female, and last season I came in third, only to be bested by someone from the business department and a librarian. This is serious business. Please help me win and bring dignity to college sports betting.

Created by: Viola
  1. Game 1: Colorado State vs. Colorado
  2. Game 2: Connecticut vs. Duke
  3. Game 3: Virginia vs. Wyoming
  4. Washington St. vs. Wisconsin
  5. Game 5: Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame
  6. Game 6: Wake Forest vs. Boston College
  7. Game 7: Mississippi vs. Memphis
  8. Game 8: Missouri vs. Illinois
  9. Game 9: Iowa vs. Northern Illinois
  10. Game 10: Arizona vs. BYU
  11. Game 11: Oklahoma State vs. Georgia
  12. Game 12: Central Michigan vs. Kansas
  13. Game 13: Purdue vs. Toledo
  14. Game 14: Tennessee vs. California
  15. Game 15: Texas Tech vs. SMU
  16. Game 16: Florida State vs. Clemson

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