How well do you know your NCAA Tournament Bracket

Each year there are many people who fill out their bracket pools and predict the games right, and all of the sudden think they know everything about college basketball. Well to know everything about college basketball and the tournament you have to take my quiz first.

If you think all time spent watching college basketball this seasons has prepared you to answer every question then you should be fine. If you still think Kelvin Sampson is the Coach of Indiana, then good luck, your gonna need it?

Created by: Patrick
  1. Which player in the tournament averaged the most points per game during the regular season.
  2. How many teams earn at-large bids for the tournament each year?
  3. Which two Big East Teams played a record breaking six overtime game in the Big East Conference Championship?
  4. Who is the Number 1 overall seed of the tournament?
  5. Which team in the field joined the Division I level this year?
  6. How many games must a tournament team win to be crowned champion?
  7. Where is the Final Four being held this year?
  8. How many teams from the Big Ten Conference are in the field of 65?
  9. Who is the returning Champion from last years tournament?
  10. What is the record number of times North Carolina has been a #1 seed in the tournament?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my NCAA Tournament Bracket