Does your name deserve to come out of the Goblet of Fire?

For all the students of Beauxbatons, Drumstrand & Hogwarts. Get ready for the Triwizard Tournament which will be held at Hogwarts this year. Go and put your name in the Goblet of Fire and maybe your name will jump out of it and into Dumbledore's hand.

Maybe you'll have luck or maybe you'll be unlucky and won't be able to enter the Triwizard Tournament. Maybe you'll die like our champion Cedric or maybe you'll win it like our champion Harry Potter. Only one way to find out, TAKE THIS QUIZ!

Created by: Aimen
  1. When Harry's scar hurts, who does he write to?
  2. When the Weasley's come to take Harry to the Quidditch World Cup, how do they travel?
  3. Which Quidditch World Cup is it?
  4. Which event was held at Hogwarts that year?
  5. The Event which is held at Howgwarts that year has how many tasks?
  6. Who tells Harry to go to the Prefects Bathroom?
  7. On which floor is the Prefects Bathroom?
  8. Who does Harry meet in the Prefects Bathroom?
  9. In the Second Task, who never gets past the Grindylows?
  10. When Harry wins 1000 galleons, what does he do with them?

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Quiz topic: Does my name deserve to come out of the Goblet of Fire?