Are you a "fire wacker"

"There are many motivated and dedicated professional (volunteer, paid on call or career) fire fighters out there. Some are 'out there, on the fringe'. We call these 'fire wackers'. It doesn't mean anything bad and it's good we have some of those out there"

"Are you a fire wacker? You may be or even know one. Ever wonder what traits you may need to have to be classified as one? Take the test and see what it takes. Hey, after all, it's free and what else did you have to do? It'll only take a few minutes .. go ahead, what do you have to loose.

Created by: amazon
  1. A "minitor" is a:
  2. Ward LaFrance is:
  3. The definition of NST is:
  4. You own how many "fire related" T-shirts?
  5. Fire apparatus should be painted what color?
  6. You own how many scanner radios:
  7. What animal is the traditional mascot of the fire house?
  8. IAFC stands for:
  9. "Humping hose" refers to:
  10. How many "horns" on the Chief's badge.
  11. Do you know "the tones" and what staion they belong to?
  12. Do you have more flashing and/or revolving lights on your personal vehicle than a carnival midway?
  13. Have you ever stood in line at an "expo" for hours, in all types of weather?
  14. Do you know what SPAAMFAA means?

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Quiz topic: Am I a "fire wacker"