Fire & Ice Fanatic

As writers, we started the Fire & Ice Chronicles, never knowing that they would get this big. We know that we have some true fans out there who really are devoted to the Chronicles and we do appreciate it. The question is who?

Are you a true Fire & Ice Reader? Do you read the chronicles over and over again just to make sure you are on point? We want to know who is our TRUE Fire & Ice Chronicle Fanatic? Please take this quiz and you'll find out just how much of a FAN YOU ARE!!!

Created by: Stephanie
  1. Who are the Fire & Ice Chronicle Writers?
  2. Why is the title of the chronicles Fire & Ice?
  3. Where did Vic and Deja run into each other in the very beginning?
  4. Who was Deja's first love?
  5. How did Deja get Vic's phone number?
  6. How is Dominique related to Deja?
  7. What does Dominique do for a living?
  8. What did Dominique want Vics help with?
  9. What is Deja's mother's name?
  10. What is the name of the place Domonique set Deja up to go to?
  11. How did Deja find out that Mike had cheated the first time?
  12. How does Vic know Derrick?
  13. How did Deja find out who Mike had slept with?
  14. After Mike cheated, who's house did Deja go to?
  15. When Deja found out about Vic, she...
  16. How did Dominique get Mike to sleep with her a 2nd time?
  17. How many times have Vic and Deja had sex?

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