so you think your a firefighter

There are many people who think they know what the fire department is all about. Take this quiz to see how much you really know!!! At the end of the quiz it will tell you just how much you really know!

If you have been around the fire house you will know some of the answers and if you are a real fire fighter you should be able to answer these correctly!!!

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  1. What makes up a set of "Irons"
  2. What is our name for an ambulance?
  3. What does it mean when you hear 3 horn blasts on a fire scene?
  4. What is the job of the officer on the truck?
  5. Whats another name for a Truck?
  6. What siren makes a fire truck a fire truck?
  7. On a house fire what leaves the house first?
  8. Whats a common name for the hose on the front bumper?
  9. What kind of extinguisher is made of copper and used to make decorations and lamps?
  10. What system do we use for a good command structure?
  11. What is the most time consuming part of a structure fire?

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