Are you Fire Fighting Material?

There are many selfless people, or at least many people who think they are selfless. It is easy to admire the heroe, but to actually become one is a different story. What is a true firefighter? Well, take the quiz and see if you know the true meaning.

Are you a firefighter? Do you possess the qualities that you need to? You may think so, but you may be very surprised. If you think you are man or woman enough, take the quiz and we'll see what you're made of.

Created by: Brian

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  1. How physically fit are You?
  2. How dependable are You?
  3. Does Fire scare you?
  4. Are you afraid of heights?
  5. Are you a smoker?
  6. Are there limitations to what you would do for a stranger?
  7. Do you have means of transportation?
  8. Would you volunteer to be a firefighter ( no pay what so ever)
  9. Do you strive on helping other people?
  10. What type of firefighter would you be?
  11. Do you willingly look for ways to help your community to give back to where you live?

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Quiz topic: Am I Fire Fighting Material?