Do you know this year's NCAA tourny?

There are a lot of people who hear of the NCAA tourney. But a few people know every detail about it. You might know a lot, you might know a little. But always try to see if you have a mind at NCAA men's basketball. If you don't, you are probably smart at something else, like school.

Are you an NCAA tourney genius? Do you watch the games on TV, or see the score/s on ESPN? Do you know everything about the NCAA tourney so far. Just try to see if you are a NCAA genius.

Created by: timmy

  1. What underdog teams won on game winning shots in OT?
  2. What team beat Mississippi Valley State, 70-29?
  3. What 11 seeded team beat USC in the first round?
  4. What 4 teams are a 1 seed?
  5. What team almost lost to 15 seeded Belmont in the first round?
  6. What two underdog teams beat Vanderbilt and Clemson in the first round?
  7. Which out of the following is not in the NCAA tourney?
  8. Which out of the following is in the NCAA tourny?
  9. What is North Carolina's team name?
  10. Lets end on a high note. The last four teams in the tourney are called?

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Quiz topic: Do I know this year's NCAA tourny?