Ultimate Football Trivia Quiz XI

A periodic world cup or world championship usually takes the form of a knockout tournament (possibly with an initial group stage). This is held over a number of days or weeks, with the entrants eventually being whittled down to two, and the tournament culminating in a world cup final. The winner(s) take the title of World Champion(s) and hold it until the next time the event is held (usually one, two or four years later). This format is most common in team sports, as with the FIFA (football) World Cup.

A contrasting concept, popular in individual sports, is a year-long competition with several meetings over its course. In this format, victory at an individual meeting earns a number of points, and, usually, a number of positions below also score points inversely related to their position. Contestants accumulate a number of points over the course of the year (often "season") and their cumulative total after all meetings have been concluded determines the world champion

Created by: Azz

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  2. The FA cup was first sponsered in what year?
  3. People claim that Man Utd never gave up the trophy in 2000, having not played in the competition they couldnt lose it. true or false
  4. What was the year that the European Cup was founded ?
  5. The UEFA Champions League is similar to what trophy in South America ?
  6. Which two teams have appeared in the group stages of the Champions League ?
  7. Apart from Real Madrid, who has won the European Cup/Champions League the most?
  8. Which two Countries have had the same number of winners and the same number of runners up, in the UEFA cup ?
  9. Before beicoming the Uefa Cup what was the competition's name ?
  10. The League Cup was FIRST known as the...
  11. Which Team has won the League Cup (or same as cup) the most times?
  12. The Copa del Rey has been won by which teams the most?
  13. Copa de la Liga lasted how many years?
  14. Who Won the Euro Super Cup in 2000?

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