Which Role Do You Play in Halo 3?

Find your Weapons, role, and Weaknesses for Halo 3! This was just a test for making my first quiz later I will decide to make a much more better one when I decide to. Other then that this quiz was to show you your weapons you should look forward in your games and find creative ways to use your talents and find ways to over come your weaknesses.

I am a level 48 in halo 3 and I am a commander at the moment, I am also level 20 plus in every other match making. I know how all these people act in these games, everyone in the game plays a important role an later on there no way of changing your game play. That is why you need to figure how to play and how to help your team.

Created by: Esca
  1. At the start of the game which direction do you head?
  2. Once the game progress you know your K/D is -3. What option do you chose?
  3. You have just gotten killed and spawned back your base, you decide to get into a vehicle and one of your allies is with you, which vehicle do you choose?
  4. Your Team Find our your enemies have the pod launcher, rocket launcher, and spartan laser. You decide to jump out or not to. If you jump out you have a choice of weapons which do you choose.
  5. Guess what you just got sniped in the head. You know exactly where you got sniped from and you know you can take him on, which approach you take.
  6. Your down the score is 25 to 30, first to 50. What you choose to do?
  7. The Score reach to 49 to 49 what do you do!
  8. You WON! But during the pregame lobby the other team starts talking trash and making excuses you come back with...
  9. OK time for some random questions. Choose a color.
  10. What game size do you like, 2v2, 4v4 etc..
  11. 1, 2 or 3?
  12. Do you think the last question affected your results?
  13. I am not responsible for your results.

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Quiz topic: Which Role do I Play in Halo 3?