r u a sports fanatic or not

There is 10 questionyou need to answer.You hav two results at the end of the ten questions.This quiz is pretty hard so good luck.and hope you can have a perfect score and ace the quiz

Are you a sports fanatic?There are some hard questions and there are a lot of college questions,but if u really want to find out if u r a true sports fanatic you can find out here.so GOOD LUCK!!!

Created by: Brody
  1. What sport is required to use a mit bat and ball
  2. How many players have 6 in fielders
  3. What sport do you dribble in?
  4. what sport does Bary Bonds play
  5. What is Aaron Brooks in?
  6. Who is the Great Bambino?
  7. Whas Oregon in the March Madness in 2007?
  8. Does Oregon have a Baseball team
  9. Who did Kellen Clemens play 4 in college
  10. How many players r allowed on the field in football

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