How much of a true jock are you?

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Many people may enjoy a good game, but how many of them are jocks, and how do you tell if you're one? A jock is a person who devotes much of their time and love to sports. Though a quiz may not be able to define a true jock, this one comes close.

Take this test to determine whether you are a real jock! Do you have the devotion to sports that it takes to be considered a real jock? Try this out and see!

Created by: SnowFox
  1. First off, favorite sport?
  2. Do you enjoy watching or playing sports?
  3. Here's a simple one, outdoors or indoors?
  4. Do you have any athletic achievements? (Trophies in a sport, certificate of completing something physically, winning or holding the highest athletic score?)
  5. How many sports are you enrolled in and have been enrolled in?
  6. What sounds most like your usual attire?
  7. What is your favorite style(s) of movies?
  8. Feeling tired?
  9. Okay, well what if I told you we're only halfway through?
  10. Favorite style of music?
  11. Be honest, have you ever actually been CALLED a Jock?
  12. If you could play one of these video games for an hour, which would you play?
  13. Is a healthy diet important in fitness?
  14. How much do you work out or exercise?
  15. Now a right or wrong question. Which of the following is a core exercise? (There are two correct answers)
  16. A kid on your team makes a bad move. You say:
  17. What do/did you usually do in gym class?
  18. Choose your favorite place to hang out around your town out of the following options.
  19. On a typical afternoon, you'd most likely be:
  20. Finally, do you think you are a jock? BE HONEST IF YOU WANT A REAL SCORE.
  21. Thanks for taking the quiz!

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Quiz topic: How much of a true jock am I?