What is your Animal Crossing personality?

Just as the title says, this quiz will tell you what Animal Crossing personality you have. It's short (only 10 question) and should take you no more than 20 minutes.

Please later tell me what you got. This quiz has 8 possible answers: Lazy, Peppy, Jock, Cranky, Snooty, Sisterly, Smug and Jock. Hope you like it and have fun!

Created by: Mifluffy
  1. What is your gender?
  2. Would you rather be rich or famous?
  3. Do you prefer exercise, video games, clothes, food or relaxation?
  4. Someone asks you to find a fish for them. What do you respond?
  5. Someone calls you dumb. WDYD?
  6. Out of these, which do you prefer? (Click on the links to listen to the songs)
  7. Do you like Animal Crossing?
  8. What do you wanna get?
  9. What was/is your favorite subject at school?
  10. Final question! Someone tells you to come to their house. How do you respond?

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Quiz topic: What is my Animal Crossing personality?