Are you really a gizzy freak?

Are you a true gizzy freak? Do you know what a gizzy is? If you love electronic devices and you live on the web, you might earn the rating of a true gizzy freak. Or better!! If not, you may want to head out to an electronics outlet or read some online reviews about the latest gadgets that can slice, dice, and make your life easier!!

Are you really a gizzy freak or just a wanna be? Complete this quiz to find out how you rank in gizzyville! If you rank too low, you could have some shopping to do.

Created by: Eliyahna of MySpace
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  1. Do you have an old Palm Pilot that you still just can't let go of?
  2. Does more than one electronic device have alarms set to remind you of something?
  3. Have you drooled over the external terabyte drive yet?
  4. How many PDA's do you own?
  5. Do you use a bluetooth?
  6. Do you have an "online name"?
  7. How many USB ports are currently being used on your system?
  8. How many hubs do you own?
  9. How many gadgets do you own that can play MP3s?
  10. How often do you upgrade or replace your main computer system?
  11. Do you ever wish your home had more electrical outlets?
  12. How many electronic devices do you carry with you say... for a day at the mall? Be honest!
  13. When was the last time you sat down to hand-write a full length letter in pencil or pen?
  14. When your friends & family have problems with thier computers or electronic devices, do they call you?

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Quiz topic: Am I really a gizzy freak?