cirque du freak status

People are smart but not as smart as some. Just relax if you know you aren't but still work for what you want. If you are smart than keep working for everything you need and even what you want. Life is short but now you are part of Crique du Freak.

This quiz tells you what you are like from the cirque du freak. You can be anything from vampires to human. Nice to evil. Smart to whatever. Murderous to peaceful. Confused to knowledgable. Live free and love life.

Created by: mustangs1227
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  1. what do u fight for?
  2. what would you do to a criminal?
  3. if you weregoing to be sentence for death what would you be?
  4. if you were told to lie for someone would you?
  5. would you kill someone?
  6. what do u eat?
  7. how do u make someone get into a higher position in ur world
  8. would u listen to a little man of denstiny named Mr. Tiny
  9. is it inhuman to kill people NO MATTER WHAT?
  10. would you do anything to prove that u r a person to be respected?

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