The ultimat Charmed Freak quiz

Many people like to believe themselves as what you may call a "Charmed Freak",like myself.If you think you know your stuff,bring it.It mainly is questions seasons 1-4,i think i threw in another season or too,but good luck,and forever be Charmed!

Are you a Charmed Freak?,not like me you ain't!I live and breath for that show.I wish to name my future children after them,Phoebe is my favorite.I always wished Cole would have come back and Phoebe would have taken him back.I have to stretch this to 150 words so i'm just sayin whatever,sorry.Did you like it,don't care if you did or not.I enjoyed doing it,later!

Created by: Sidney

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  1. Who was the love of Pru's life?
  2. What is the sisters grandmother's name?
  3. How many times was Grams married?
  4. What is the Charmed ones father's name?
  5. Where did Pru work?
  6. What was Piper's job in season 1?
  7. Who was the first sister to discover they had powers?
  8. In Season 4,who is the demon that killed Pru and was after Paige?
  9. What is cole's Demon name?
  10. What is the name of the show that pits demons againtst the Charmed ones?
  11. What was the name of Paige's boyfriend when she first appeared on Charmed in season 4?

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