do you know your horror movie's?

there are many people who know wat they are talking about and what they watch. horror movies! the funnest way to get scared! test your knowlege to see if your an expert or a faliure. do you have what it takes to understand the amazing world of horror movies! well now is your chance to find that out! by completing the test I have made for you.

So you think you know all your horror movie's well lets find out. By making this quiz with questions that are very hard exremely easy and some that will have your mind run wild! so I hope you complete the test wih and accurate score to your liking and to find out the real truth if you sre the horror movie expert or if you are absolutely terrible at this!

Created by: Riley
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  1. who starred as Hannibal Lector in the movie Hannibal Rising?
  2. what was the original name for the texas chainsaw massacre?
  3. who played Mrs. Lovette in the movie Sweeney Tood?
  4. who plays Nigel in the movie ''Like Minds''?
  5. in the movie ''the ring'' what color is the little girls hair?
  6. what movie did Robb Zombie recently come out with?
  7. Who was burnned to death,rose from the dead,wears a hat and stripped shirt,and has long fingers made out of blades?
  8. what movie has a killer doll named Chuckie?
  9. what movie is about the trinoble and turns people retarted and makes them cannibals?
  10. In Stephen Kings ''IT'' the main character that kills is a...
  11. who wrote the book called ''Cujo'' which is about a killer dog that was turned into a movie?
  12. What movie is the japaneese masterpiece about a women living with an elderly sick women and see's things that kill anyone who goes into the house?
  13. In the movie the excorsist what color is the girl's throw up?
  14. what movie is about a man wearing a hockey mask that drowned to death and carries around a knife and likes the woods
  15. What is the movie: ''wrong turn'' about?
  16. In 28 days what starts the virus?
  17. What movie has no sequel to it?
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Quiz topic: Do I know my horror movie's?