How Well Do You Know Music?

MUSIC = Happy LIfe, How Well Do You Think You Know Music? Well If You Know Music Like I Know Music Then You Should have No Problem FinIshing These Lyrics From Many Different Categories Of Music Like Rock, Country, ect.... But They Are All From The 1990's To Now.

There Is No Old School Stuff In Here That we Would Have To Ask Our Parents About, Lol Just stuff That Most People at Age 18 And Up Should For Sure Know If You Are A Music over like Me. If You Don't Listen To music Then Don't Take This Quiz Because Getting A Low Score Has a Pretty Harsh Result. lol

Created by: Heather

  1. We Don't Need Romance We Only Want- To Dance
  2. We Mighta Took The Long Way
  3. But In My Soul,
  4. You've Taken Away Everything
  5. Try To Turn The Tables
  6. The Summer's Out of Reach
  7. Honey, Why You Cryin'Is everything Okay?
  8. I Guess I Just Lost My Husband
  9. LA Told Me, You'll Be A PopStar
  10. Me And Ush Once More And we Leave em dead
  11. She Smiles Back At Him, Dragging That Teddy Bear
  12. Could You Walk An Talk At The Same Time?
  13. You're Lickin' our Lips And Blowin' Kisses My Way
  14. Don't You Know I Still Believe
  15. I Think You're Special, what's Behind Your Back?
  16. I, Gotta Fetish For f---in' You witcha Skirt On
  17. Listen And When The World Starts to stress Me Out
  18. I Like Going Out Taking Walks And Stuff
  19. Krunck Juice Bombs, Oakley Shades
  20. Just Cause She Dances Go-Go
  21. I Know The Style But Respect My Life Style
  22. But More Then Anything, More Then Anything
  23. Cause makin' love To Just Anyone Ain't Happening
  24. Reaching For Something In The Distance
  25. If You Simply Ask Me To Be There

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Music?