Music From The O.C.

I love The O.C. and I really love the music on the show. This quiz will test your knowledge of the music on the show as well as the placement of the music. Good luck!

Did you run to the computer after every episode to find out what those great songs you just heard were called? Did the show help you discover bands you had never heard of before? Take this quiz and see what you've learned.

Created by: Urban_Cougar15
  1. Which of these groups/artists had a song featured in all four seasons?
  2. Which of these groups/artists never had a song on The O.C.?
  3. Which of these songs is not a cover?
  4. Which of these songs was not played in two different episodes?
  5. Which of these songs is not on "Music From The O.C. - Mix 1?"
  6. Belle & Sebastian's song "If She Wants Me" was featured in what episode?
  7. Which of these Bait Shop band songs was not actually performed at The Bait Shop?
  8. "Go Sadness," "But Then Again No" and "Wish I Was Dead Pt 2" are all songs by which group?
  9. Which of these groups/artists was mentioned by Seth in Season 1, yet never had a song played on the show until Season 4?
  10. The group Halloween, Alaska had songs featured in which two episodes?
  11. Which of these songs was not played in the episode "The Rainy Day Women?"
  12. "To Be Alone With You" by Sufjan Stevens, "The End's Not Near" by The New Year and "Ester" by Elefant are played in what episode?
  13. In which episode was a Bloc Party song not played?
  14. Besides Phantom Planet's "California" and it's cover "California 2005," no other song by the band was ever played on The O.C.
  15. When Sandy Cohen performs at The Bait Shop he sings a cover of Soloman Burke's "Don't Give Up On Me." Burke's version was first heard in what episode?
  16. Which one of these songs from "Music From The O.C. Mix 6 - Covering Our Tracks" was never actually played on the show?
  17. "Destiny," "Passing By," and "Somersault" are all songs by which group/artist?
  18. Jet's song "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" was played in what episode?
  19. What song plays at the end of "The Third Wheel" when the whole gang plays video games at the Cohen house and Oliver watches through the window?
  20. "Evil" by Interpol and "10 A.M. Automatic" by The Black Keys were both__________________.

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