Music Of The Years

This quiz was created because i was really bored of speaking to people who know nothing about music. They were always on about Rap this and Rap that. So if you like good music and know a little bit about it then give this a try.

So do you know about music? this test will tell you exactly what you need to know. Good Luck . I f you need some advice just cheat. But just don't tell anyone. shhhh.

Created by: Leif Evans
  1. What film is the tune "for the love of a princess" from?
  2. what Bon Jovi song has the words "Daddies girl learned fast, all the words she couldn't say"
  3. Which composer wrote "Moonlight Sonata"
  4. what James Blunt song starts with the line " i wish i could, surrender my soul"
  5. Who sang 'right here waiting'
  6. "I don't believe in love" was sang by who?
  7. The Backing track to P-Diddy's "i'll be missing you" was originaly sang by who?
  8. "Cry little sister" is from which film?
  9. "Come What May" is from which Musical?
  10. Which Music Video featured supermodel Rachael Hunter?

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