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So you think you know music? I bet that you dont, you want to prove me wrong then take it and get a hundred then I will be impressed! This will test your knowledge over the greatest decades of music

The 70s, 80s, and 90s were great years for music.the rise of grunge, metal, then heavy metal were created. then of course you got the rise of slash. it was also a time of great tragedy, the deaths of many great guitarist and singers(hendrix,bon scott,and dimebag darrel)

Created by: Donald

  1. What was the name of Black Sabbaths first cd?
  2. What instrument does Slash play?
  3. Who was the orignal lead singer of AC/DC?
  4. Who is the lead singer of Guns N Roses?
  5. Name whos sings Bad to the Bone?
  6. What Band was Ozzy Osbourne in orginally?
  7. Who was Ozzys quitarist, and what band did he play in before?
  8. How did the lead singer of nirvana die?
  9. What instrument did Bon Scott play before AC/DC?
  10. What member of Motley Crue dated pamela anderson?
  11. ''Holy diver you been gone to long in the _________''
  12. If you are a fan of kiss you are in what?
  13. Who sings ''sweet home alabama?''
  14. what is ozzy most famous for?
  15. What happened to the guitarist of pantera?
  16. Who did anthrax sing bring the noise with?
  17. ''Run to the hills_____________''
  18. whos got a gun?
  19. why did u decide to take this quiz?
  20. did you like this quiz?
  21. What is under the bridge by the red hot chili peppers?
  22. What band did slash join after guns n roses?
  23. What band did slash join after guns n roses?
  24. How many band members does Slipknot have?

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